How to set up a dell printer on Google Cloud Print?

Converting e-document into a paper may be possible with printers; either you want a copy of college projects, CV or project synopsis in the office. Yet, this is impossible to carry your printing machine everywhere that makes your print preference incomplete. But every user should give thanks to Google Cloud Print technology, this is now possible to take print out of any document from your favorite device. See and follow how you can set up a dell printer on Google Web Browser and Google Cloud Print. If you don’t have any idea, you should connect with online certified technicians or call at dell printer technical support phone number 1-800-251-4919 for immediate technical support.

Dell printer support number

Connecting Network Attached Printer & Google Cloud Ready Printer-

If you want to use your Google chrome browser to print different types of documents, different computers and your printer must be connected rightly with local network. With the help of few important steps given below, you can set up Google Cloud Print and enjoy a printing experience from different locations. For any kind of technical help, you should make direct contact with technicians at toll free dell printer support number for immediate results.

Step1- Open Google chrome on your computer connected rightly with a network that is attached with your device. You can login into your Google chrome account just by using Gmail account details.

Step2- You need to open menu and go to setting button positioned on the right side of your chrome browser. This setting will assist you to add new printer into your chrome web browser.

Step3- After choosing the setting button, you have to open advance setting button from the bottom of chrome web browser. This option will be very helpful for you to add your dell printer into your browser.

Step4- Sign into your Google print option and click on add printer button to connect your Google account to Google print service. If you feel any technical difficulty, you should call at toll free dell printer support phone number for immediate results.

Step 5- Now you have to click on add printer’s button to add printers attached appropriately to Google cloud print for account. After that you should choose to manage your device that will take you at Google print.

Step 6- Now, you need to find out and manage your device from the menu given on left side. You can get a list of all printers connected that appears when you give print through chrome.

Step 7- To add cloud printer, you have to click on “Add a cloud Ready Printer” appears on left hand side. Clicking on this button will help you to take on page of Google print page.

Step 8 – Now, you need to type the name of manufacturer of your printer or you choose Dell from the left hand side. Select Manufacturers name and follow few important instructions to set up Google Cloud print. If you feel any kind of technical inconvenience, you must call directly at dell wireless printer support number for quick results.


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